Rep. Jared Moskowitz Blasts House Republicans Over Border Farce

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) blasted House Republicans on the Oversight Committee for holding a hearing about border security that he called a farce.

Rep, Moskowitz said:

You know, we have failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform up here for decades, but if you listen to the witnesses, some of them, and if you listen to my colleagues, you would think the world didn’t begin until President Biden was elected. You would think it was dinosaurs, the wheel, Jesus.

The world was flat. The world was round. Biden was elected. Every problem Like nothing happened before, you know, people pretend everything was just perfect. But you know what? One of my colleagues, when bringing up statistics, showed why this is a farce. She brought up that President Obama deported more people than President Trump.

In fact, President Obama Trump deported more people in each term than President Trump. Well, hold on a second. If the border wasn’t a problem until President Biden was elected, then how are we deporting all of these people in administrations before Trump was elected? It’s because this situation has been going on for decades.

So stop lying to the American people that none of this happened until President Biden was elected.

The House Republican outrage over the border is a political shell game. No matter what Biden and Democrats offer, Republicans say no and move the goalposts. Johnson admitted that House Republicans will not agree to anything involving border security until Donald Trump is in office.

The border isn’t a crisis. It is a political issue for Republicans to use to turn out their base in November.

Rep. Moskowitz was right. Republicans are lying, and it is time for the American people to see through the lies.

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