Data Shows House Republicans Have Been A Historic Disaster

The House Republican majority passed only 20 bills that were signed into law, a level of failure to govern that ranks as some of the worst in American history.

Axios reported:

Just 20 bills have been passed by both chambers and signed into law this year, with another four currently awaiting President Biden’s signature, according to the Quorum data.

That’s far below even historically unproductive first years: The 104th, 112th and 113th Congresses, in which Republicans controlled one or both chambers with Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the White House, passed between 70 and 73 laws.

The vast majority were uncontroversial bills that passed either by unanimous consent or with minimal opposition, including multiple measures to rename Veterans Affairs clinics and another to mint a coin commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Marine Corps.

Republicans lost a month of work time this year first trying to elect Kevin McCarthy speaker and then trying to find someone to replace him after he was fired.

The House Republican majority has spent more time investigating Joe and Hunter Biden than passing legislation. Even if House Republicans came back after the holidays and decided that they would like to govern, they wouldn’t be able to because they can’t agree on anything.

Republicans lucked into a narrow House majority in 2022. Instead of working hard to show the American people why they should keep it, the House GOP keeps showing voters why they need to be kicked to the curb.

The current House majority was nearly four times less effective than the Congress that committed itself to obstructing everything that Barack Obama did.

2023 was a historic level of failure for House Republicans and 2024 will likely be even worse.

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