$148 Million Giuliani Defamation Verdict Is A Big Warning To Trump and The GOP

The $148 million defamation verdict against Rudy Giuliani is more than a ruling for Shaye Moss and Ruby Freeman. It is a message to Trump and the Republican Party that their lies and attacks come with consequences.

CBS News reported:

A jury of eight Washington, D.C., residents ruled Giuliani must pay $148 million to the election workers, Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss. Their attorneys had asked the jurors to award $24 million each in damages. Giuliani was earlier found liable for several defamation claims against them.

The jury on Friday said the former mayor must pay $16.2 million to Freeman and $17 million to Freeman, as well as $20 million to each for emotional distress and an additional $75 million in punitive damages.

It is unlikely that Moss and Freeman will see much if any, money from the broke Guilani, but the message being sent by the jury goes beyond money.

Under Trump’s leadership, many Republicans have taken the attitude that they can do or say whatever they want with no consequences. The defamation lawsuits, whether they come from election workers or voting machine companies, are showing Republicans that no matter what Donald Trump tells them, they will be punished, and they will pay a price for outright lies and ruining people’s lives.

While speaking to the media after the verdict, Ruby Freeman said that more lawsuits are coming:

If Trump and the Republicans are planning on following the same playbook that they tried to use in 2020, they should think again. The costs and consequences are high and the Trump crowd is not getting away with doing and saying whatever they want.

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