Jake Tapper Causes J.D. Vance To Crash And Burn On Hunter Biden Laptop Lies

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J.D. Vance talks about Hunter Biden's laptop on CNN's State Of The Union.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) tried to claim on CNN that the government censored the Hunter Biden laptop story, but Jake Tapper told Vance that Biden wasn’t in the government at the time and Rudy Giuliani wouldn’t let journalists see the laptop.

On CNN’s State Of The Union, Vance said that journalists, tech companies, and the government ‘colluded’ to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Jake Tapper responded, “Well, Donald Trump was president at the time that any censorship was going on, so nobody in government, any Biden people were not — that were asking that were not in the government at the time. But I will just say as somebody that tried to see the laptop, Rudy Giuliani won’t let us see the laptop. He wouldn’t let us. So we weren’t able to report on it because he wanted us to go by his words.”


An independent investigation in 2022 found that Hunter Biden’s laptop had been manipulated and files were added to it.

During the 2020 election, Rudy Giuliani and the Trump campaign would not allow independent examinations of the laptop. It took a couple of years before experts were allowed to examine it and determine that the laptop was contaminated and had been manipulated.

If the Hunter Biden laptop is such a great piece of evidence, why do House Republicans continue to deny that their entire Biden impeachment investigation is based on it?

Why do Republicans insist that the American people take their word for it?

J.D. Vance is one of the candidates to be Trump’s running mate in 2024. He won’t be, but he’s one of the candidates, so of course, he is on board with investigating and prosecuting journalists. What Vance and other Republicans are talking about is ending the free press in the United States, and Jake Tapper shot holes in the idea that there was collusion between the media and the government to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.
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