The Media Is Finally Starting To Talk About Trump’s Age

On CNN, Jake Tapper and ABC’s Jon Karl discussed how Donald Trump is showing his age, and not as vigorous as he used to be.

Tapper said, “There has been a lot of coverage of Joe Biden showing his age, we can all agree that’s true, I think Donald Trump is showing his age.”

Jon Karl said, “He is not campaigning with anywhere near the vigor he did in 2016 certainly are 2020, he plays a lot of golf now, he spends a lot of time with his lawyers, he’s not doing very much which I think was actually helpful to his campaign.”


After spending years harping about Biden’s age, it seems that the legacy media has finally caught on to the fact that Donald Trump is showing some real signs of cognitive decline. Trump’s lack of a campaign is helping him with Republican primary voters, but the ex-president is making the same mistake that he made in 2020.

The American electorate is much larger than the number of Republican voters, and Trump seems intent on only appealing to Republican voters.

Donald Trump isn’t going to be able to hide from voters next fall. Trump was exposed under the harsh and unrelenting spotlight of the presidency, and the same thing will happen again in 2024.

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